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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:19 pm    Post subject: Antidote Full Movie In Hindi Download

Antidote Full Movie In Hindi Download

Istanbul criminal underworld; a place of merciless families and swaggering hitmen afraid of no one. Kadir Korkut, nicknamed the 'Demon' is the most fearsome of their kind. When he wants to retire for the love of a blind German pianist, it starts a chain of events which will paint the night red. His boss and foster father, Kara Cemal betrays and coerces Kadir by poisoning him to perform two final hits on the two largest rival families in order to receive the antidote. Outgunned, outmanned and facing impossible odds he has to team up with an outed undercover police mole Cem, and somehow survive his final night of revenge and redemption.
A legendary hitman trying to retire for love, is poisoned by his mob boss foster father, forcing him to team up with an undercover cop to survive one final bloody night of revenge and redemption.
I've seen countless movies about a assassins in my time and this is definitely on par with the best. Never before have I seen a movie produced in Turkey and after seeing this I have a high degree of respect for Turkish cinema.

The great thing about the execution of this film is it's character building and no need for an overdose of special effects.

The cast was excellent and surely had this been an amateur director and/or producer this would have turned out very badly.

The substance very much reminds me of another assassin movie "Léon: The Professional".

Well done Turkey for this exceptional feature film.
Turkey has long been the best action movie I watch. I think the first;) Earlier this so impressive, long-term, successful stage and I do not think I've seen a movie that fiction structure. A wisp of discontinuities Turkish cinema in action and there, but that in general labor Assuming you need to ignore. Because so many foreign films We watched each new business is conducted inevitably more difficult brain compares. For example, starring Jason Statham Crank 1 and Crank 2 recalled. Guns and conflict visualization of the scene is OK. More should come to do and should be monitored at least two times because he is so fast should assimilate. A job well done film crew, director and Emin Boztepe also congratulations. I think the new Turkish cinema character was born. Get better.


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